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The 2009 College Endowment Winners and Losers

In Millennial Matters on January 31, 2010 at 9:00 AM


1. Harvard University (-28.9%)

2. Yale University (-28.6%)

3. Duke University (-27.5%)

4. Grinnell College (-26.9%)

5. Stanford University (-26.7%)

6. Brown University (-26.6%)

7. Cornell University (-26.4%)

8. Southern Methodist University (-26.3%)

9. California Institute of Technology (-26.1%)

10. Pomona College (-25.7%)


1. New York University (-15.4%)

2. Purdue University (16%)

3. University of Pennsylvania (-16.7%)

4. University of Richmond (-16.8%)

5. Boston College (18.6%)

6. Michigan State University (-18.3%)

7. Vanderbilt (-18.9%)

8. UNC Chapel Hill (-19%)

9. University of Florida (-19.2%)

10. Smith College (-19.7%)

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Debate Over Illegal Immigrant Students In North Carolina

In College News, Education, Millennial Matters, Politics, Tuition Issues on December 19, 2009 at 2:54 PM

Illegal immigrants are one step closer to being accepted to North Carolina’s community colleges.

As the State Board of Community Colleges moves to open its doors to undocumented students, dozens of people attended a public hearing to voice their opinions on the debate. According to the Charlotte Observer, those at the hearing showed “overwhelming support” for the acceptance of illegal aliens in N.C. schools:

“A crowd of Latino students – along with educators, activists and civic and religious leaders – filled the auditorium at the State Library, many waving signs and wearing stickers supporting access to higher education for illegal immigrants. More than 50 gave speeches, invoking the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the language of the U.S. civil rights movement.”

Although the public hearing attendees appeared to favor one side of the debate, there has been strong opposition to the immigration rule since the State Board Of Community Colleges voted to admit illegal immigrants in September. A local news station briefly mentioned controversy over the hearing’s “sign in” process, and some told newspapers that those who oppose the decision could not come on a workday. William Gheen, head of the Raleigh-based group Americans for Legal Immigration, said that the majority was not represented at the hearing.

(Photo from a WRAL News Story)

Proponents of the rule argue that no one should be denied access to education, but opponents say that admitting undocumented students would encourage illegal immigrants to move to North Carolina and reward them for breaking the laws of our country.

Under the proposed rule, illegal immigrants would pay out-of-state tuition (about $7,700 a year) and get last priority for classes. If approved, the rule would take effect next school year and lift a ban that has kept undocumented students out of degree programs since May 2008.

The public hearing was a legal requirement as the community college board moves toward adopting a permanent rule- the board could give final approval to the policy no sooner than its February meeting.

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Tuition Tax Vote Delayed

In College News, Education, Millennial Matters, Tuition Issues on December 17, 2009 at 5:06 AM

Students in Pittsburgh must wait another week to find out whether or not they will face the nation’s first tax on tuition. The tax would bring in more than $15 million needed to pay pensions for retired city employees, but students and administrators argue that institutions already contribute substantially to the city. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl asked City Council members Wednesday to postpone the vote for one week. Read more at NY Times.

Thought this was funny…

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I came across this cartoon while searching for “Gen Y” graphics. Something tells me my grandma would love it…